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Most About Us pages take time to "humble brag" about why they're so great, and we do a little bit of that too. However, it's also important to recognize and celebrate you and your decision in supporting this small, female-veteran owned business. We wouldn't be here without you!
So, this is my thank you letter... to you.
Thank you for entrusting FLOH Wear™ with your flow options!  You could have purchased anywhere, but you chose to hang out at the FLOH Wear™ and spend your dollar here, and for that I am grateful.
I launched FLOH Wear™ because of a medical diagnosis resulting in extremely heavy periods. All of our styles are designed in house, with the goal of creating beautiful, high-performing, functional undergarments you can trust and depend on.
Quality, sustainable, leak absorbing undies is what we sell, but confidence, comfort, and conscious intimate wear for periods, postpartum, and mild bladder leaks is what you can expect.
If we've not met your expectations, please email us
Kristy, Menstrual Maven and Founder


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