Flow Wear™ FAQs

How Does FLOH Wear™ work?

FLOH Wear works by absorbing bio-leaks (periods, postpartum, and mild urinary leaks) with multilayer absorbency that provides protection based on your absorbency needs: lightest to light, light to moderate, moderate to heavy, and Maxi which absorbs up to 10 regular tampons worth of fluid!!! Learn 6more here...

 How Do I clean my FLOH Wear™?

We recommend you wash your FLOH Wear™ prior to wearing and line dry.  After each wear you should do the following:

  1. Rinse until water runs clear – not rinsing can harbor bacteria, along with unpleasant smells.
  2. Toss in wash – remember no bleach or fabric softener.
  3. Line or air dry - Do NOT Place In Dryer.

 OMG! My FLOH Wear™ ended up in the dryer, will they be OK?

OK, deep breath. =) We do not recommend placing your FLOH Wear™ in the dryer, but it happens.  Your FLOH Wear aren’t ruined if they end up in the dryer a couple of times.  However, it’s important to note, the integrity will become compromised if placed in the dyer repeatedly.

What are FLOH Wear™ made of?

FLOH Wear™ are made of breathable bamboo fabric, including cotton and bamboo. For specific details click on any product. 

Does FLOH Wear™ contain harmful chemicals? 

We only partner with manufacturers who are certified according to STANDARD 100 OEKO-TEX®️. This means the manufacturer must meet stringent guidelines for manufacturing practices and guidelines.

Additionally, our undies are independently tested to ensure no harmful chemicals.

 How long will FLOH Wear™ last?

We do not have a specific lifespan for FLOH Wear™, as there are many factors that can impact longevity we cannot account for. However if cared for per our recommendations your undies should last up to two years or longer. 

I have urinary incontinence, are FLOH Wear™ OK to use? 

Our undies are perfect for mild urinary incontinence. No more worries of liners shifting or rolling up. Go ahead, laugh, cough, or sneeze! =)

Are FLOH Wear™ stain resistant?

Absolutely! Your undies should not retain stains if care instructions are followed exactly as outlined. 

What if I experience a clot?

Clots can happen with periods. Similar to pads and tampons, FLOH Wear™ will not absorb clots. However, if you experience them, simply wipe off with tissue. Voila! 

 Will FLOH Wear™ smell?

If cared for per the care instructions, your FLOH Wearshould not smell. It is important to ensure your FLOH Wearcompletely dry prior to storing.  If not allowed to dry fully, your undies may harbor a musty or mildew smell.

If you feel like your undies are retaining an odor, we recommend using the following natural odor recipe of:

1 part white vinegar to 3 parts water.

Place undies in solution so they are submerged just beneath the surface.

Soak for 20 minutes, transfer to wash, and hang dry. Store only after completely dry.

 How many hours can I wear FLOH Wear™?

This depends on your flow and the absorbency of the undies you are wearing.  It is possible to wear FLOH Wear™ for more than 8hrs, however it is important to remember blood exposed to air for a great length of time can yield bacteria growth.  We recommend changing your undies at least every 8-10hrs.

Will I overheat while wearing FLOH Wear™?

No. FLOH Wear™ are made of breathable fabrics, and cotton gussets to ensure an optimum environment for your vulva (the outer genitalia). 

Can I wear FLOH Wear™ if I'm pregnant?

Absolutely! FLOH Wear are not only an ideal option during pregnancy, they're also very useful post pregnancy to assist with postpartum and period leaks.

Should I size up with FLOH Wear™?

Because FLOH Wear™ are designed to absorb leaks they will fit more snug than traditional undies. We also recognize a "number" size doesn't necessarily account for body shapes. Therefore, to support in making a size choice we recommend sizing up in these instances:

  • You prefer a relaxed fit to accommodate bloating.
  • You are between sizes.
  • You have a curvy backside.

How much does a regular tampon hold?

As you can imagine, this can vary depending on the manufacturer. That said, we use the universally accepted volume of 5ml for a regular tampon.