Meet Our Founder

Welcome to FLOH Wear! I'm Kristy W. Gilbraith, the founder of FLOH Wear™.  As a military veteran and licensed registered nurse, the mantra "always be prepared" is etched in my DNA.

However, I was was anything but prepared when it came to my period during a business meeting. Not only did I soil my dress, I also soiled the brand new white leather chair I was sitting in!

Talk about a horrific experience, made even worse by wearing paper scrubs out of the office building. I had never been more humbled until I had a random office person pass wipes, paper scrubs, a pad, and tampon over a stall door in a public bathroom. 

Well, except the part where I had to run to my car in a torrential downpour wearing 2-inch heels, praying my paper outfit wouldn't wither away from my body. This single experience was the catalyst for FLOH Wear™.

After nearly two years of research and development, I, along with my mighty micro-team, launched FLOH Wear™ washable, reusable undies that absorb periods, postpartum, and mild bladder leaks.

Currently, we offer three protective and high-performing designs that are super stylish, flirty, and black (no worrying about period stains - SCORE!). As we grow, we plan to introduce more styles and colors.

Until then, I invite you to explore FLOH Wear reach out with questions and start your journey to drawing the line at leaks.

Kristy :)