Stress Free Period Holiday Survival Guide!

Few things in life are more stressful than the holiday season, excluding major life events, of course. That said, our period survival guide will help you manage your flow and provide a few tips on how to get through Great Aunt Beth's stories about her 4th husband and the uncle who thinks he's cool, but is constantly asking you what the different emojis on his phone mean.

As a bonus, there's a tip to gingerly inform your coworker, who thinks you guys are friends, to stop clogging up your email with cc's that don't require any action on your part, despite you being off for the week. This little cheat sheet will create a detour from your plan of turning into the Grinch on December 25th. So, here we go!

  • Make sure you have a period survival kit that includes something for cramps, lavender essential oil to calm your nerves, your favorite tea to relax you, and depending on how long your visit is an extra pair of FLOH Wear.
  • If you are staying overnight, ensure you have the above, plus a couple of pairs of Slumber Shortys for super heavy flows, along with a few other pairs of FLOH Wear, pack a heating pad, make a "Meditation in Process" to protect your "me time."

When it comes to managing family try these tips...

  • Ask questions to others to "guide" the conversation, so you don't have to listen to the same stories. Additionally, this tip is helpful because it puts the onus on others to talk versus you. Ex. Ask what's in XYZ's recipe, how their job or retirement is going, plans for travel, etc.
  • Have a few games everyone can get in on, e.g., Pictionary, charades, or even use the Games app on Alexa. When people are involved in games, it keeps them preoccupied, so they are not talking about things that irk you.
  • If you are not stopping in, set the expectation upfront that you will need to leave at a specific time. If you find yourself having a good time, you can always say plans changed, and you can stay a bit longer.


Managing your colleague who keeps texting or emailing you when no action is required on your part, or the info is not critical for you to be dialed into despite your out-of-office notification being on can be tricky. However, it can be managed by responding with the following:

"Thank you so much for looping me in on happenings while I'm out of the office. However, if I could ask a big favor of you, could you please hold any emails that don't require action on my part? This will help me a great deal in managing my inbox. 

Upon my return, I will schedule time on your calendar for a debrief, as I am looking forward to catching up with what I missed, as well as hearing about your holiday when I'm back in the office. 

Thanks again, and happy holidays to you and yours!"

This little note is an easy way to manage your resiliency and communicate your needs while being gracious. What do you think?

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Seasons Greetings!
The FLOH Wear Family!

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