4 Things to Manage Your Period So You're Not Caught Off Guard

So, you checked the calendar and whew, thank goodness, because you realized your period is approaching. Now you're worried because of the intricacies of managing the unavoidable, but totally natural and totally normal situation.

Well, the good news is you can be in full control of that time of the month, and not caught by surprised. First did you know the key to dealing with menstruation is to be prepared for it? Yep! Sounds, simple enough, but every month countless people with periods are having period accidents. You may be one of them... 

However, tracking and being prepared for one's period is not difficult. It involves calculating your next period and ensuring all the right resources are available in advance. We will discuss four things one can do to not be caught off guard by a period, and it includes: 

  • Keeping an eye on your menstrual cycle
  • Evaluating the cervical mucus
  • Keeping period care on deck (we obviously prefer FLOH Wear)
  • Managing stress and nutrition intake
Period Tracking Calendar

Tracking Your Cycle

Thinking of how you might keep an eye on your period? By highlighting the days you have your period on that calendar every month, you can effectively manage accidents before they happen.  Tracking your period will not only help you know how many days your period lasts, you will also learn over time the  length of your menstrual cycle.

You can calculate the length of the menstrual cycle by counting the number of days that are between the first day of your last menstrual period and the first day of your next period, this will tell you how long your menstrual cycle is. You can also use a computer or a smart phone to achieve this. Simply install an app designed for this purpose to keep track of your menstrual cycle. Don't be bothered if at first, you experience irregular periods. This is a common amongst new menstruators, as well as those who are stepping away from hormonal birth control, are in post-partum, or those experiencing peri-menopause.

Evaluating Cervical Mucus

Aside from being located at the top of the vaginal canal, the cervix will shape shift to protect a pregnancy, and it also helps to keep bacteria at bay through secretions. What you may not know is it is also an indicator of what part of your menstrual cycle you are in.

For example, just before and after your period, the cervical mucus reduces in quantity, is whitish in color and feels sticky. When you’re near ovulation, the mucus increases, is transparent, and feels slippery similar to raw egg whites. Conversely, before your period, the cervical fluid is thick, white, and sticky. As a result, there is a high probability of seeing your flow in a few days.

Stay Prepared

Sometimes it’s not always easy to predict your period, even if you are tracking, as there are hormonal conditions that can leave things up in the air so to speak. The truth is sometimes you get it right, and other times it seems practically impossible to predict the exact date. Unfortunately, in this case the chances of an accident are pretty high. This is why having period care with you around that time of the month is a solid idea. Additionally, having some additional items to manage symptoms is also a great idea as well.

It’s important to note that not everyone experiences period cramps, albeit they are common do to the uterus contracting to shed its lining. Therefore, having something to manage pain can make it easier to get through your period. 

Mental and Physical Health

Let’s face it, periods can be stressful, yes? Of course they can! No one wants to feel bloated, have a jawline full of acne, or wear oversized clothes for several days.  However, a healthy and stress free lifestyle can help in managing periods. Drinking plenty of water, minimizing processed foods, and ensuring physical activity – such as walking if you’re not up to your regular routine, is enough to keep you feeling good mentally and physically, while also keeping PMS symptoms at bay.

 So, there you have it! Four things to keep you ahead of the period game!