Menarche: 3 Ways to Support the Pre-Teen in Your Life this Summer

Summertime is practically around the corner, and activities are ramping up. Thus, making keeping your “cool'' a bit more challenging to do, especially if you are into summer activities. However, if you have or know a pre-teen who is anticipating or has recently started their period, managing can may feel a bit daunting and overwhelming.

Because we've been there, FLOH Wear has put together a quick list to ensure the pre-teen in your life is able to keep their cool no matter the activities they're involved in.

Mom and daughter talking on sofa

🩸 If your pre-teen has not experienced menarche, then having the talk about periods will surely be helpful before they have their first period. Life is busy, but having the period talk can ease your pre-teen's anxiety if they've not experienced their first period. Spare them a "first period nightmare" story of thinking they’re dying - which many have shared they believed to be happening, as their first period memory. Can you imagine?

🩸 Create a period pack for them. Whether your pre-teen is having periods or not, support them in being prepared. Include pads and liners, or a pair of period undies like FLOH Wear™ in a 1qt zipper bag, and don't forget something to aid with cramps and explain when and how to take.

🩸 Discuss naturopathic remedies with your pre-teen to support with focus including aromatherapy, tea, and relaxation techniques. This is especially helpful if they don’t want to rely on medication for managing discomfort if experienced. 

Whether you are a parent, aunt, big sister, or surrogate family, there are many ways to support the pre-teen in your life through their journey of moving through puberty and beyond. Creating awareness around menstrual health, menstrual care, and normalizing bio-physiology conversations is important because we learn to not shy away from open dialogue regarding below the belt health. 

Cheers to supporting your pre-teen in being prepared, stress-free, and keeping their cool when it comes to their period this summer!