Sexy Time During Your Period On Valentine Day

It's Valentine's Day and your plans with Bae are foiled by your period. Or, are they? Firstly, it's important to note that it's OK if you don't feel like being intimate on February 14th (or any other day for that matter). Sexy can still live outside of physical intimacy, and we are sharing some gems on how to ensure it stays around.

Word Play

Intimacy can be gained a multitude of ways, including getting to know your partner better. One way to do that is by playing the question game. This is a fun and easygoing way to build intimacy without the pressures and expectations associated with Valentine's Day. 

Reading is More than Fundamental

Consider reading a romance novel with your partner. It's a unique and unusual way to share intimacy. You can take turns reading a chapter, or each of you can take on a character out of the book, even acting out the passages with dramatic flair.

Pleasure Principle

So, you don't want to have S-E-X during your period, but you still want to experience the "O" . Mutual or solo masturbation is certainly an option. It's safe, pleasurable, and may be less messy than intercourse during your period - you can do it with a tampon or menstrual cup in if stimulation is external only. If manual stimulation is your chosen route, ensure your hands are clean to minimize bacterial transfer. 

If any of the above leads to steamier activities than anticipated, know it's OK and safe to have sex during your period. That said, ensure to remove your tampon, menstrual cup, etc., as you don't want any of those objects to go further into the vaginal canal than necessary.